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Mukalya Private Game Reserve Executive Room

Discover Mukalya Private Game Reserve, where our lodge offers a unique experience with 9 beautifully appointed rooms overlooking the majestic Zambezi River. Each room is thoughtfully designed using a variety of locally sourced materials, not only showcasing Zambia's rich natural resources but also supporting our local community artisans. From sustainable wood furnishings to traditional textiles, every detail reflects our commitment to authenticity and sustainability. Whether you're relaxing on your private terrace or exploring the reserve's pristine wilderness, Mukalya offers a tranquil retreat where you can truly immerse yourself in Zambia's natural beauty and cultural heritage.

Mukalya Private Game Reserve Kariba Gorge

An exclusive retreat nestled in the heart of Zambia's Upper Lower Zambezi region. Spanning over 500 acres of pristine, protected land, our privately owned reserve is just a scenic 180 km drive south from Lusaka, Zambia's vibrant capital. Perched along the picturesque banks of the Lower Zambezi River, our lodge offers a front-row seat to the mesmerizing African wilderness. Encounter a rich diversity of wildlife, from majestic big game to colorful birdlife and towering tree species. Mukalya is situated 148 km upstream from the renowned Lower Zambezi National Park, Mukalya invites you to immerse yourself in nature's embrace and experience unforgettable safari adventures.

Zambezi Tiger Fish Caught By Client

Experience a wealth of activities tailored to every age group at Mukalya. Immerse yourself in the thrill of fishing expeditions on the Zambezi, where the waters teem with life. Explore the wilderness on exhilarating safari walks, discovering the secrets of Zambia's diverse wildlife up close. Delve into the cultural tapestry of Namoomba Village with guided tours that offer insights into local traditions and crafts. Relax and rejuvenate in natural hot springs nestled within the reserve, offering a serene retreat amidst breathtaking landscapes. Cap off your day with a tranquil sundowner boat cruise to Pebble Island, where the Zambezi's gentle currents provide the perfect backdrop for spectacular sunset views. 

What Clients Say

"Overall we were delighted with our stay here. Location is fabulous (the website hardly does the Zambezi views justice), the riverside rooms are utterly charming, and the food is TOP class. Staff are lovely - Mr Brown was a brilliant safari guide (man knows his trees 🌳), spa treatments were great, and we enjoyed the quirky emu roaming the grounds (we named her Sheila).
Definitely some room for improvement (especially re. dietary requirements), but we had a fantastic time, and would enthusiastically recommend it to anyone.
Some A* Karen-ing going on in these reviews. 1 star is just spiteful nonsense. Also yeah dude, you’re staying on a game reserve in Zambia - there’s gonna be some snakes knocking about 🙄. (We didn’t see any, I should add!)"

- Tim P., Via Google Reviews


Our Story

Welcome to Mukalya Private Game Reserve, a family-owned sanctuary nestled along the banks of the majestic Zambezi River in the Namoomba area of Siavonga District. Just a two and a half hour drive south of Lusaka, Zambia, this hidden gem awaits your discovery. In 2006, our founders embarked on a canoe trip downstream from the Kariba Dam wall and instantly fell in love with the beauty of the area. They decided to make it their own and developed it into their private weekend retreat, cherished by family and friends for years to come.

Male Waterbuck
Mukalya Private Game Reserve Warthogs

During the construction phase, the founding family camped at the previous landowners' site and were captivated by the rich history of the area. The previous owners, gifted storytellers, shared tales of life on the property spanning over 20 years. Their stories painted a vivid picture of floods, abundant wildlife, the ongoing battle against poaching and deforestation, and the enchanting traditions and beliefs tied to the land. At Mukalya, every corner holds a story waiting to be told, and every moment promises adventure and connection with nature. Join us in creating new memories and experiencing the magic of this special place. The scourge of poaching and deforestation became a pivotal concern for the founding family of Mukalya Private Game Reserve, inspiring them to take action. With a vision to restore the area to its former glory, they embarked on a mission to reintroduce wildlife.

Several years later, after extensive efforts, the reserve was fenced off, and the first batch of wildlife was released into a dedicated section. This initiative aimed not only to rebuild the natural habitat but also to educate the local community about the critical importance of protecting and cherishing wildlife for generations to come. At Mukalya, we're not just preserving nature; we're actively restoring it, one step at a time. Join us in our commitment to safeguarding wildlife and ensuring a thriving ecosystem for all.

Elephants Swimming Across Captured By Patrick Bentley Photography
Aerial View of Mukalya Captured By Patrick Bentley Photography

In recent years, the dedication and hard work of Mukalya have truly paid off. The bond between the community and the reserve has flourished, creating a unique relationship built on shared knowledge and mutual respect. Everyone feels like a valued part of the estate. Mukalya has not only brought much-needed jobs to the community but has also supported various projects, including schools, hospitals, and clinics. The estate's commitment to community development has made a significant impact, improving the lives of those living in the surrounding area. At Mukalya, we believe in giving back and building a better future together. Join us in celebrating this partnership and the positive change it brings to our community. 


After investing millions of dollars, the founding family and Mukalya Lodge are determined to ensure that their legacy of conserving nature and supporting the community endures for generations to come. That's why they have made the decision to open up the beauty of Mukalya to all, inviting you to share in the magic as we work to restore the area to its former glory. By sharing the wonders of Mukalya, we aim to spread awareness and appreciation for the natural world while creating sustainable livelihoods for the community. Join us in this journey as we preserve and protect our precious environment, leaving a legacy of conservation and prosperity for future generations.


The Lodge & Accommodation 

Mukalya Private Game Reserve, nestled along the majestic Zambezi River, directly opposite the Hurungwe Safari Area. Here, amidst the serene wilderness, you'll encounter elephants, lions, buffalo, and other wildlife, with the magical sounds of the bush filling the air at dawn and dusk. Mukalya offers an exclusive opportunity to walk among game in safety, ensuring a luxurious and comfortable stay away from the crowds.

Accommodating up to 18 guests, our lodge promises a bespoke experience in a setting meticulously designed for your utmost pleasure. Our grand entrance welcomes you to a central living and dining area that overlooks the Zambezi, providing expansive views and a deep connection to nature. The reserve's architecture blends seamlessly with its surroundings, incorporating natural elements like pebble walls and local wood features. Relax by our oval swimming pool, perched on the riverbank under the cool shade of Acacia Trees.


Enjoy curved edge seating and plush loungers, ideal for soaking up the sun and rejuvenating in the tranquil atmosphere. Each of our 9 uniquely designed rooms, renovated in 2020 with a focus on local craftsmanship and natural aesthetics, offers stunning views of the Zambezi River.


For bookings and inquiries regarding accommodation and day visits, please refer to the details below. Experience Mukalya, where luxury meets wilderness in perfect harmony.

Main Areas

At Mukalya, the main area presents stunning vistas of the Zambezi River and the untouched landscapes of the reserve. Guests can unwind by the pool or in various lounge spaces, indulging in exceptional meals served in the main dining area, boma, or savoring drinks at the bar.

Rooms & Suites

The 9 uniquely designed rooms and suites at Mukalya embrace ample fresh air through large window openings and sliding doors leading to private patios. Some suites feature open-air baths or showers with breathtaking views of the Zambezi River. Each accommodation includes a private lounging area, overlooking our exclusive stretch of the Zambezi River.


Dining At Mukalya

The culinary experience at Mukalya is a true highlight, blending fusion cuisine that consistently wows our guests. We meticulously craft each dish using the freshest ingredients, many sourced from our organic, sustainable garden that also supports the local community.


Dining at Mukalya transcends mere meals; it's about creating unforgettable memories. Start your day with a thrilling game walk or drive, followed by a bush breakfast amidst wildlife. Or, embark on a Zambezi boat tour into the gorge, concluding with sundowners on Pebble Island before a candlelit boma dinner under the African night sky.


We strive to exceed expectations with every meal, ensuring each one is unique and leaves you thoroughly satisfied. Please inform us of any special dietary needs or requests when booking, so we can tailor our culinary expertise to delight you.


At Mukalya, we're dedicated to fulfilling your every desire, ensuring your experience is nothing short of extraordinary.

Crayfish Spaghetti
Romantic Brunch For Two
Mediterranean Poached Eggs
Private Dining
Dinner Under The Stars Captured By Patrick Bentley Photography
Pan Fried Zambezi Bream
Brunch Spread
Private Beach Dinner
Brunch On The Terrace
Island Sundowners
Lunch In The Boma
Bush Dinner For Two
Brunch Platter
Island Sundowners
Brunch Setup
Brunch Spread
Dinner On The Terrace
Brunch In The Boma
Birthday Dinner

Dining Experiences

Mukalya is proud to offer once in a lifetime dining experiences that are tailored to ensure that our guests always feel impressed and blown way by our service and passion for hospitality. Below is a list showcasing some of the many unique dining experiences we offer:


Early morning game drive/walk followed by a bush breakfast

Late Morning Boat cruise & fishing with a picnic lunch on the island

Afternoon Boat cruise into the gorge to the Kariba Dam Wall followed by sundowners on the island

Evening Sundowners on the jetty 

Evening game drive/walk followed by a bush dinner under the stars or in our boma

Please do contact us for private dining experiences that we can personalize for that special occasion you choose to celebrate with us and we will gladly assist you.


Activities AT Mukalya

Mukalya is one of the few reserves in the Lower Zambezi that is able to offer guests a vast range of safe and adventurous experiences from walking safaris in our enclosed game reserve, to a river cruise excursion into the gorge where guests are able to see the Kariba Dam Wall from below and a gigantic rock island which is referred to as the "Nyami Nymai" river god of the Zambezi. Mukalya has catered experiences for all age groups and will personalise each itinerary to match each guests preferences.